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TELEHOUSE BEIJING BDA* is a large data center located in Beijing Economic Technological Development Area (BDA) in the south east of Beijing., just 30 minutes from Central Beijing.
TELEHOUSE BEIJING BDA provides a colocation facility built and operated to the highest international specifications, offering carrier neutral choice in connectivity. This newly operating state-of-the-art data center enjoys high levels of security, power, cooling and technical support with 99.9999%** availability on equipment. Along with a portfolio of valuable business continuity solutions, TELEHOUSE can build and support a reliable ICT infrastructure for multinational and local corporations within China.

*TELEHOUSE BEIJING BDA is actually operated by Chinese local IDC, ISP operator, strictly based on TELEHOUSE Global standards.
**SLA for power supplied per month with a contract "Diverse (2N)" as type of power supply.

BDA outside view
  • Features:
      Air Conditioning
    • High reliability with high qualified SLA 99.9999%*.
      * SLA for power supplied per month with a contract "Diverse (2N)" as type of power supply.
    • High-level security of Data-Center dedicated building with more space and power meeting customers' demands
    • The most advanced technology is employed in TELEHOUSE BEIJING BEZ such as a first of its kind hybrid cooling system installed in China*.
    • Carrier neutral and ISP neutral,installing multi-ISP POPs and enjoy ISP diversity
    • High level of security designed for purpose built datacenter.
    • Provide colocation space and office dedicated spaces in office tower for customers with BCP and DR demands
    • Office building is located adjacent to data center providing office space for BCP and DR needs in addition to colocation services.

    *Based on our research.

  • Power Facilities:

    Redundant power supply routes, solid UPS equipment, redundant generators and also distinctive designs such as below:

    • Generators with long-time running capability
    • Multiple fuel storage with 36 hours worth of fuel
    • External power supply bypass to cover UPS trouble
    • Monitoring Battery Status for assuring UPS to work
    • Consider various case of emergency and make best effort to overcome it with our cutting-edge technologies
  • Air Conditioning
    Air Conditioning Facility:

    Adopted eco-friendly air conditioning system achieving high-efficiency and stability. BDA has Hybrid Cooling System, with chiller and Free Cooling Working together (Using Cold Outdoor Air).

    • 2 Loop Lines—Dual For cool/hot water system
    • Cold water tanks for air-conditioning in case of emergency
    • Optimized air-conditioning according to the status of cabinet
    • Heat insulation plate around the building
    Air Conditioning
  • Disaster Prevention / Security:

    In order to protect the customer's equipment and data, we adopted the following equipment.

    • VESDA Sensor + IG541 Gas extinguishing + auto-open cold isle cap
    • RFID card door lock control with vein authentication and gate to prevent unauthorized access
    • Equipment control with RFID tag
    • Anti-intrusion sensor on the walls of DC site with CCTV

    Extreme disaster prevention and security system for information security.

  • Location

    BDA is state level development area certified by the State Council in 1994 where more than 70 companies in Fortune 500 expand into.
    There is a large industry and commercial area ,creating 20% of Beijing's GDP and is located in a convenient area just 30 minutes from Central Beijing.

  • BDA outside
  • Officially Certified by Uptime Institute as Tier 3 Data Center:

    There are only 5 data center in China with uptime institute certificate – TELEHOUSE BEIJING BDA is one of them.

    Uptime Institute


Building Location South east Beijing
Provided Area 25,000m²
*including future expansion
Ceiling Height 7.6m
Raised Floor Height 1,000mm
Maximum Floor Load 800-1,500kg/㎡
*depending on area
Fire Extinguisher IG541 gas extinguishing system
VESDA sensor
Power Supply Bldg Power Receiving Utility x 2 loop power distributions
Emergency Generator Dual feeds of power supply from 2 different substation with 2 routes
UPS 2N/N+1 (Dual/Single/Multi)
Power / Rack 2-4kVA (Over 4kVA needs consulting in advance)
Climate Control CRAC Config CRAC N+20%
Cooling system N+ 1
Temp & Humidity Temp : 18℃ - 27℃
Humidity : 25% - 60%
Leak Sensor in place
Feeder type Dual Feed (PDU A+A) PDU: A+A, UPS: N+1
Diverse Feed PDU: A+B, UPS: 2N
Network Transport Carrier CT, CU, CM
In-house CablingCoax, Copper/UTP. PSTN Optical Fiver-SMF, MMF
O&M Operation Hour24/7 manned
Language: Chinese and English
Security CCTV, IC card, Vein auth.Security Guard
Others Rest Space Cafeteria
BCP Solution Yes
Parking Space in place


  • China Mobile(CM)
  • China Telecom(CT)
  • China Unicom(CU)