Cloud Services

TELEHOUSE provides private cloud for all customer uses.

Virtual Server is a separate partition independence that every customer can optionally edit the configuration, application installation and deployment as desired.
Advantages of VPS:
Operate as a completely separate server as an administrator highest security
Investment cost savings to the original server, no cost of equipment, maintenance costs, system administrator
Easy to upgrade RAM resources, HDD, bandwidth as needed
Can reinstall the operating system quickly within 5-10 minutes (in case of emergency to minimize downtime of the system, the case of an error, overload or network attacks)
Enterprises can use to set the VPS Web server, Mail server as well as other application servers and can be installed separately on demand as well as easily share data, transfer data between branches
There are nature's own internal management of enterprises
Please contact us immediately for details and rates for each specific need.

Server Specifications

1. Monthly charge (VND) Please direct contact us Please direct contact us Please direct contact us Please direct contact us Please direct contact us
2. CPU 1-core virtual CPU
(Physical CPU: Equivalent to Intel® Xeon® 2.66GHz)
3. RAM 1 GB 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB
4. HDD 60 GB 95 GB 135 GB 175 GB 220 GB
5. Located Telehouse Datacenter
6. Data transmission Unlimited
7. Local/ international bandwidth 100Mbps/10Mbps
8. Static IP 01 IP/ VPS
9. Managed Remote Desktop
10. OS Windows Server liscenced Linux (Centos 5)
11. Technical support Premium support 24 x 7
12. One time charge Please direct contact us Free
13. Contract/ payment Yearly Quarterly
  • No equipment purchase costs, maintenance costs
  • Easy to upgrade CPU, RAM, HDD resources and bandwidth as needed
  • Data backup: optional services