TELEHOUSE provides private cabinets, cages and suites. They are supported by our dedicated services designed to meet wide range of high-end specifications with resilience and redundancy.


Colocation Service

  1. Shared Space

    Shared Space is a cost-effective solution for housing your IT equipment in individual locking cabinets. TELEHOUSE may provide a cabinet rack. Standard price shall be specified per 1 rack footprint including Power.

    Rack Colocation

    Standard 19 inch rack (W : 600mm × D : 1,000mm × H : 2,000mm) and Half rack (W : 600mm × D : 1,000mm × H : 1,000mm) are provided to house customer equipment.
    Each rack comes prepared with separate locks and power supply.

  2. Dedicated Space

    For customers looking for their own dedicated, customizable, end-to-end data center solution, TELEHOUSE provides privately secured space .This option offers customers the benefits of managing their own metered power, environmental controls, and connectivity, with a much higher level of privacy, security and flexibility as well as the dedicated infrastructure options for maximum control.

    Open-space Colocation

    We provide colocation space (TELEHOUSE standard for 1 rack : W : 600mm × D : 1,000mm × H : 2,000mm) for customers to set up their own racks. We will respond to requests for the installation of racks other than the standard size, on a case by case basis.

    Caged Colocation

    We provide caged-colocation for those customers who demand a heightened level of security.
    This option is appropriate for customers housing medium-sized server groups and mission-critical servers (requiring additional security).